Reindeer Safaris

Reindeer Safaris

A serene reindeer sleigh ride in Arctic nature.

In the heart of Finnish Lapland, amidst the tranquil snow-covered forests, there lies an age-old tradition that invites you to become a part of nature's own rhythm. The reindeer, these half-tame creatures of the north, are at the heart of this enchanting experience. To become a part of this sacred bond, one must understand that each reindeer possesses its own unique character and habits, requiring years of patient training to become a reliable and safe companion on the sleigh.

Picture yourself nestled in a noiseless reindeer sleigh, surrounded by the hushed beauty of Lapland's pristine wilderness. As you embark on this journey, the world around you transforms into a symphony of stillness. It's a chance to let go of life's relentless pace, to simply relax, and immerse yourself in the magic of the forest. The reindeer, patient and gentle, lead the way through this winter wonderland, their soft hooves barely disturbing the blanket of snow beneath. It's a moment to observe the world around you, to reconnect with nature's whispers, and to savor the serenity of the Arctic landscape.

As you glide through the snowy forest, you'll have the opportunity to truly connect with these remarkable creatures. You can reach out and feed them the very lichen that sustains them through the harsh winter months. Learn from the experts how to handle and treat these noble animals. It's a chance to step into the shoes of the indigenous Sami people, to feel the bond between humans and nature, and to witness the enduring magic of the Arctic wilderness through the eyes of your reindeer companions.

  • Lapland
  • Winter
  • Dec - Apr
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