Dining in the wilderness

Dining in the wilderness

Savour the Finnish cuisine in a peaceful forest

In the heart of a serene Finnish forest, dining takes on a magical quality as you find yourself enveloped by nature's tranquility. Imagine a skilled chef, tucked away in a rustic outdoor kitchen, expertly preparing a sumptuous three-course dinner just for you. The crisp, clean forest air carries the tantalizing scents of the meal being crafted with the utmost care.

For the appetizer, perhaps you're treated to a delicate mushroom soup, made from foraged wild mushrooms found in the lush undergrowth of the forest. These mushrooms, carefully selected for their earthy flavors, infuse the dish with a taste of the wilderness itself. As you savor the first spoonful, you can't help but appreciate the harmony between the meal and the forest that surrounds you.

For the main course maybe, a perfectly smoked wild salmon, sourced from the nearby pristine rivers, is presented with a symphony of fresh herbs and forest berries. The salmon's rich flavors, combined with the natural bounty of the forest, create a mouthwatering masterpiece that celebrates the local cuisine and the beauty of Finland's wilderness. Dining in this tranquil setting, with the chef's expertise and the forest's serenity, elevates the experience to one of pure culinary enchantment.

  • Summer
  • Finland
  • May - Sep
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