Elf Experience

Elf Experience

A truly Magical Experience

Embarking on a journey to Finnish Lapland takes on a whole new dimension when you have your very own personal elf as your guide and companion. But the enchantment begins long before you set foot in Lapland. In the weeks leading up to your adventure, your elf friend will pay a visit to your home in your own country. They'll bring a touch of Lapland's magic right to your doorstep, introducing themselves to your family and sharing stories of the Arctic wonderland you're about to explore.

Once you arrive in Lapland, your personal elf will be your faithful guide, unveiling the secrets of this mesmerizing region with a sprinkle of Nordic enchantment. You'll discover the joy of making and decorating gingerbread cookies. Outside, the snowy landscapes transform into a playground, as your elf companion leads the way in spirited snowball fights, thrilling toboggan rides down the gentle slopes, and joyous snowman-building sessions.

But the magic doesn't stop there; your elf's playful spirit ensures every moment in Lapland is filled with wonder and delight. Whether it's storytelling by a crackling fire, chasing the elusive Northern Lights, or embarking on captivating forest adventures, your personal elf transforms every experience into an unforgettable chapter of your Lapland journey. It's a tale of enchantment, shared with family and your very own Lapland guide, making memories that will warm your heart long after you've bid farewell to the Arctic wonderland.

  • Lapland
  • Winter
  • Nov - Apr
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