Heli Sightseeing

Heli Sightseeing

See the City from above

Helicopter sightseeing in Helsinki is an extraordinary way to explore the capital of Finland and its stunning archipelago. As you ascend into the sky, the sprawling metropolis unfolds beneath you, revealing iconic landmarks such as the Helsinki Cathedral, the Senate Square, and the bustling harbors. The city's unique blend of modern architecture and historical treasures becomes even more captivating when viewed from above, offering a fresh perspective on its rich heritage and vibrant urban life.

Continuing the journey over the Helsinki Archipelago, you'll discover a mesmerizing tapestry of thousands of islands and islets dotted across the Baltic Sea. The view from the helicopter allows you to fully appreciate the archipelago's natural beauty, with its lush forests, tranquil waters, and charming coastal villages. Gazing out over this picturesque seascape, you'll understand why the Helsinki Archipelago is a haven for boaters, nature enthusiasts, and those seeking a serene escape from the city.

Whether you're flying over Helsinki's cityscape or the archipelago's pristine wilderness, helicopter sightseeing provides an unparalleled sense of freedom and adventure. It's an experience that combines the thrill of flight with the awe-inspiring beauty of Finland's capital and its surrounding islands, creating lasting memories of a truly unique perspective on this captivating corner of the world.

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